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The Wardens
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The Wardens

My son, ya talk about the wardens and what they are like now. People one time were more frightened than they are now.

What about the time me and Uncle Jefferd and Uncle Mack went down inside of Bateau looking for deer. I killed a pricket. Do you know what that is? Das a young deer. Any-dam-how we out turn of meat on out backs and the way we go. When we left for home, we said that we would get as far as Beteaus camp that was the government camp, the first night. When we got to the camp that evening, we creeped out to see if there was anybody around. Sure this was unlawful meat, meat killed out of season.

Sure enough, we seen Alex Spence en' thought that it was Eli Knott from Sallys cove, the Warden. So any-dam-how, we backed through the woods with our turn of meat. We went down through the meshes and out over the barrens and up along the shore above Bateau. Then we decided to go back to the old government camp and have a night with the wardens. The Government camp was in over the hill from the sea sore, in by the brook where the winter road crossed the brook. Sure enough, when we got there, Eli Knott and Uncle John house the wardens was there. They were the 2 wardens along the coast at that time.

Uncle John, that was Fan Perrys Father. Fanny Perry, the one who was married to Frank Perry. You knows John Perry, Franks son.

Old Mr. Alex Spence and Uncle Alex Gould (Aunt Kates husband) was there building a new Government camp. Alex Spence had the money come so he got Uncle Alex Gould to help him build the camp.

The next morning we got up and made for home