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Ron House


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Just like en, just like en my son. Raw bonded my son, just like his father Edgar. Edgar House fished with me the first year that we sold live lobsters. That was the year we started to send live lobster to Boston. Before that we used to pack them in one pound tin cans.

Edgar was just like the ox my son. Strong as the devil. Pull, my son, he could pull on that rope, just like it was nothing.

And now bye, he could sing too. I remember one time when we came ashore, Edgar went up to the camp to boil the kettle. We waited and waited for Edgar to sing out to say that the kettle was boiled. But there was no answer, so one of us had to go up to see what happened. The kettle was on boiling hes heart out and Edgar was in the bunk with hes hand under hes head and singing to the top of his voice.

Sure, Ron is just like en. But I guess Ron cant sing very good no more than meself. Anyway, he looks strong and something like an Indian, especially on that snap of Ron and Calvin by that moose on the Western Hills. Some people says that the Paynes had Indian Blood in them. They are descendents from old Moses Young, from Eskimo Point on the Labrador. Rons grandmother was a Payne, Uncle Mikes sister.

Now, She died (Gertrude Caines) the same year that you wose teaching in Daniels Hr. (1956-57). Now boy,that was a cold winter. The glass went down to -40. Something like the winter that poor old aggie fell in the well. That wose the year she cooked for Herb and them, the year they sawed into the Big Mesh.

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