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Hunting Ė Tommy Smart


Oh, thatís where they killed em, there to Jackies Pond.


I can remember one time me and Tommy Sampson, Bill Biggin and Hal House went in deer hunting. That time we killed em on Cliff Hill. Yes, that was way inside of Bakers woods.

Anyway, on the way home, when we got to Jackies Pond that was too many people in the small camp so we had to go all the ways out to Boundís Pond. We left out deer just the way they were and went back the next morning after them. We got out to Daniels Hr. the next day. I left my deer to the Gull Mesh. The next day me and Grant went back to Bakerís Pond after another deer.

Boy-o-boy that was hard work. There was some bad nips(steep hills) from the Cliff Hill out to Brianís Pond. Yes, yes we had a caribou each. Yes bye, cut the head off and tie the neck up and hull the full deer just like he wose.

The night before we went deer hunting, I stayed with Bill Biggin. The next morning Uncle Charlie, yes, that was Bill Biggins father was up and had the fire in. He was having molasses bread for breakfast. I can see en now. He was stood up by the stove having his breakfast and telling the story about Tom Smart. Sure bye, there is a place up in Daniels Hr. called Tom Smartís field. People still refer to it , when they go skating, that they we in on the Tommy. Tom Smart was an Englishmen. They said that he was a good worker and that he could mow an acre of land in one day.

Anyway, the story goes that Tom Smart was going to marry Amy Billard. But, Amy said that Tommyís clothes wasnít good enough. Well, said Tommy, if tis me clothes she wants to marry, then I wont marry her.

Uncle Charlie was a funny man. He said that Tom Smart said to Amy Billard Ė The Hell Wit -ee