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Seven Caribou


Iíll never forget the time the Ranger came up from Port Saunders. Someone informed on us about killing caribou.

Now you see, The Ranger used to stay out to poor motherís, this was down in what we called Table Point Cove. Anyway a crowd would be out to mothers every night. After awhile, The Ranger looked at me and said, Uncle Man, how many caribou have you killed the winter?

Seven boy, thatís all I said

Seven, you goddam fool, you wouldnít tell me that, if you killed seven

Anyway thatís what I did kill; I didnít tell him a lie.

Years after that, the same Ranger met Eli Knott, from Sallyís Cove, on the Coastal boat and certainly they got in a moose yarn. The Ranger said to Eli, Did you hear about the caribou being killed in Bellburns a few years ago.

Sure bye that was right what Man House told you about killing seven caribou, because I was with him.

The Ranger was Arch Noseworthy. He was a Mountie later on and before he died he was in charge of motor registration in Corner Brook